Building a Better Landlord / Tenant Relationship

Investors expect their tenants to look after their rental properties but must also do their part, according to landlord insurance provider Terri Scheer Insurance, which has provided five tips for building a better landlord-tenant relationship. Terri Scheer Insurance’s Carolyn Majda says tenants have to take care of rental properties but it helps if landlords make it easy for them.

“Tenants who live in a home that’s well presented and easy to maintain will be more likely to take pride in the property and treat it as if it were their own,” Majda says. “No body wants to live in a house with shabby carpets, an unruly garden and is in need of repair. Simple gestures such as a fresh coat of paint or gardening assistance can help ensure the property remains well cared for.” “Landlords who offer an attractive home and are quick to follow up on maintenance issues will be more likely to be rewarded with tenants who take care of the property and pay their rent on time.”

Terri Scheer Insurance’s top five tips for building a good relationship with tenants are:

  • Give tenants a property they can be proud of by making sure it’s well presented and maintained.
  • Make it easy with a low-maintenance garden.
  • Show you care by responding quickly to maintenance requests.
  • Be reasonable with rent, as setting too high a rent may make the tenants resent the landlord.

  • Appoint a property manager to save you time.

Source : Australian Property Investor October 2008

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