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2018: the year of the Smart Home

Image credit Elite Agent

It’s been billed as the year we’ll all get connected and smart products will simplify our lives. In some ways, that prediction is proving correct, and the internet infrastructure that drives smart tech is becoming a requirement, not just a desire.

But what does the smart home mean for real estate? Is there appeal and value in savvy tech and the … Read the full post »

Conveyancing Lawyer vs. Licensed Conveyancer

Conveyancy is a complex part of the process surrounding the sale of property. The system of conveyance is made up of multiple record searches, legal wrangling, and preparation of official paperwork, all designed to ensure clean transfer of property. The sole purpose of conveyance is to assure the seller’s claim to land is official and unencumbered, and that this claim can be cleanly transferred to the buyer. To work through … Read the full post »