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Hammer Talk – Best time of day to Auction

Here is a great blog post from Leon Axford, our Auctioneer. Original post can be found here.


It’s the question we get every time our clients want to book an auction. “What is the best time to auction the property?”

At Axford Auctions we always held the opinion that first up in the morning or last in the afternoon were the best times. Our theory was set around selling in isolation just … Read the full post »

So you’ve decided to sell at Auction

Quite often after the decision to sell via auction has been made, a flurry of nerves strikes the vendor; it’s too much pressure, what if there’s only one bidder, what if there’s none or everyone’s worst fear, what if it passes in, then we’ll never sell!

The good news is that none of these thoughts are worth worrying about. If you have selected a good agent that you trust then they … Read the full post »