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Access to Super is not radical: REIA

First-home buyers who use their superannuation to purchase their own home could end up with larger ‘nest eggs’ at retirement than if they continued to rent their whole lives, says the REIA.

He said it is “nonsense” to suggest accessing super to buy a home will erode retirement savings, as both comprise the asset pool at retirement.Giving young people access to their own money in a superannuation fund to purchase their … Read the full post »

Rising Interest Rates

With no changes to official interest rates for the fifth consecutive month, and confirmation by Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Governor, Glenn Stevens that we have reached the bottom of the cycle, property owners are preparing for an upward movement in rates.
In 2001, when official rates were cut by 1.50 percentage points over 11 months, they remained unchanged at their lowest level for four months.

“The question now is when rates … Read the full post »