Empowered Service ®

Empowered Service ® (adj)

  1. a unique experience exclusive to John Pye Real Estate;
  2. integrity and honesty;
  3. strong ethic and desire to serve;
  4. care and respect;
  5. accountability;
  6. loyalty and unity;
  7. delegated authority;
  8. understands the privilege of being entrusted to act as Agent for the client;
  9. embraces every action to the handover of the keys;
  10. harmony and agreement;
  11. produces results.

Empowered Service ® is what sets John Pye Real Estate apart from other agents.
Empowered Service ® is the foundation upon which we have successfully built our business since 1991”, explains John Pye.

Three Stranded Rope.

“There is an old proverb which says ‘A three-stranded rope is not easily broken’ and we embrace that philosophy with all involved in our business”, explains John Pye.

“There are three parties engaged with every property: the Client Vendor, Investor or Landlord…the Customer Buyer or Tenant…and John Pye Real Estate. Our purpose as the ‘third strand’ is to strengthen the relationship between the other two. We create an environment of trust and cooperation, making every experience a pleasant one, with positive outcomes for all.”

More Than Understanding Our Industry.

Empowered Service® is more than having a solid understanding of the trends and movements of the property market. More than knowing the best times to sell and buy.”

John Pye says Empowered Service ® is a belief, “Through Empowered Service ® my team understands the privilege of being entrusted to act as Agent on your behalf with what is most likely the biggest financial transaction of your life. Empowered Service ® embraces every action from our initial introduction when we first meet you through to the handover of the keys. We place ourselves ‘in your shoes’ to understand your requirements.”

Empowered Service ® Produces Results.

“Empowered Service ® is why after more than two decades we continue to have many people referring their friends to us”, explains John Pye, “Personal referrals are our greatest compliment. They are testimony to the fact that we have delivered outstanding results for our clients and that the experience was a positive one.”

Since its inception, John Pye Real Estate has negotiated the sale and management of more than one billion dollars worth of property (in today’s value).

“I would like you to place your trust in John Pye Real Estate. This is not something we take lightly.”