Essentials for Sellers

Best-Ever Real Estate Experience.

John Pye Real Estate’s proven track record of an enormous number of sales of a wide range of properties over many years – across a large area of Sydney – is your guarantee of success.

Committed to our exclusive ethic of Empowered Service ®, the John Pye Real Estate team knows the price it must pay for a successful sale:

  • dedication
  • enthusiasm
  • hard work
  • professionalism
  • and an unremitting devotion to make the sale in your best possible interests.

We have a proven method of marketing your property and selecting the best possible buyer – Here are our Seven Simple Steps.

  • Our team values actions that form the basis of a trusting and committed relationship with you;
  • Our team understands that regular and accurate feedback and buyer information enables you to make the best-possible selling decisions;
  • Our team is devoted to the highest standard of principles. Character development of our staff is as important as any other aspect of our professional development;
  • Our team understands that 24/7 service means that your needs are to be served at any time of the day or night, every day of the year, until the final handover of the keys;
  • Our team trains daily and is in tune with marketplace changes. Our skills are so developed that we are able to negotiate the most difficult of sales and to navigate a seller through to the best possible result;
  • Our team is passionate about property. We know how to appreciate and bring out the best points and benefits of every property;
  • Our team acts as one unit from two offices strategically located to draw buyers from a large geographical area;
  • Our team holds membership in the Real Estate Institute of NSW and is bound by its code of ethics.

Interested in selling your property? Our team offers an obligation-free ‘Value for Money’ service quotation as a part of your property and market appraisal.

Seven Simple Steps

Step 1: Your needs. What are they?
Allow us to understand your expectations…or to help you clarify your needs.

Step 2: Team up with John Pye Real Estate.
An appointment with our Property Consultant will provide you with an understanding of:

  • Your marketplace
  • An expected sales price
  • How to achieve your best price
  • Plus you will receive a detailed quotation for service.

Step 3: The timing of your sale.
We will determine when is the best time to sell your property.

Step 4: Preparation of your property.
Do you need advice to help you prepare your property to obtain the best price? John Pye Real Estate provides no-cost services to help you prepare for property for an optimum sale. Choose from:

  • high pressure hose – to wash your walls, paths & roof
  • shredder – to tidy your yard and to create mulch for your garden
  • garden blower/vacuum
  • 3m x 3m marquee for your garage sale

Step 5: Choose your method of sale and marketing campaign.
John Pye Real Estate offers a range of marketing methods, services and campaigns.

We offer you a unique marketing plan and sales/negotiation service tailor made to your specific requirements.

Step 6: Preparation of Documentation.
Your Contract for Sale & Agency Agreement are legal requirements.
Optional documents include property survey, building certificate and pre-purchase pest and a building report.

Step 7: John Pye Real Estate commences your campaign.
The sale of your property will be a positive, profitable and enjoyable experience.

10 Essential Services.

In addition to John Pye Real Estate’s exclusive Empowered Service ®, which is the ethic behind the manner in which we will assist you with your property, we provide you with 10 Essential Services:

1. Marketing Service
The purpose of marketing is to attract every buyer in your property’s target market. Successful marketing results in successful open houses and private inspections.

Marketing includes:

  • Target market analysis
  • Database marketing and management. This includes contacting buyers on our data base by phone, SMS text or email
  • Creative advertising
  • Media selection (if required)
  • Photography and graphic communication

Please refer to the Marketing Plan & Quotation for your property.

2. Sales Service
Successful sales service is about building successful relationships with buyers at private inspections and open houses held weekly until the property is sold. Selling is about enthusiastically communicating your property’s best features and benefits to every prospective buyer in accordance with their needs and background.

  • All objections are dealt with professionally and in the best interests of the property.
  • Every buyer who expresses any interest in your property will be followed up.
  • We serve buyers seven days a week from early in the morning to late at night.

3. Investor Service
The marketplace comprises of short or long-term investors and owner-occupiers. If your property attracts an investor as a buyer, our Property Manager teams up with the Residential Sales Specialist to provide all relevant information and advice to ensure that your sale succeeds.

Vendor Feedback Service
John Pye Real Estate serves you by asking pertinent questions of every buyer so that you will be fully informed of the marketplace reactions and expectations.

We advise:

  • Interest Level
  • Opinions of property
  • Price range of property

All information is confidential and is presented to you as follows:

  • Verbally after the open house
  • By a computer print out of all buyer comments
  • Face to Face on a regular basis

5. Negotiation Service
John Pye Real Estate recognise that ‘time is of the essence’ when negotiating offers. This is why offers we receive are forwarded to you verbally and in writing in the shortest possible time.

We are committed to negotiating all offers in your best interest taking into consideration the price, settlement terms and any specific conditions. We use every possible negotiation strategy to ensure you receive the highest price. We are trained in sixteen of them!

Prior to the acceptance of an offer, John Pye Real Estate contacts past and current interested buyers to provide an update of the “under offer” status of the sale. Invariably, a second buyer’s offer will push a sale to a higher level.

All offers are held in confidence between the buyer, yourself and John Pye Real Estate during the negotiation to ensure that subsequent offers are in your best interest – rather than in reaction to an existing offer. Our experience shows this policy results in higher sale prices.

6. Management of Sale
The sale of your property is professionally managed from the moment the Agency Agreement is signed until the final key handover to the buyer.

John Pye Real Estate will liaise with Pest and Building Inspectors, Valuers and Solicitors to ensure the sale is exchanged in the shortest possible time. Any deposit received is placed in the trust account on behalf of yourself and the buyer, and invested if instructed.

A final pre-settlement inspection, a handover of keys following receipt of the confirmation of settlement, and a final statement of account completes our service.

7. Property Care Service
We know that what is in the best interest of the property is also in your best interest.

Pre – Listing.
John Pye Real Estate can advise on presentation to maximise the property’s value.

We can provide at no charge a high pressure Gerni for home cleaning or a shredder to assist in cleaning up branches on your property. We can also arrange for tradespeople to undertake essential repairs or maintenance.

A Property Stylist is available at no charge to provide advice for professional presentation.

An Ecoquest Fresh Air Purifier is also available at no charge to balance the ions in the atmosphere. As a result your property will have a “fresh mountain top smell”. This is absolutely essential if your property is going to be vacant at the time of sale. The Purifier has certified space technology as used by NASA and has been tested as being effective in the sale of properties.

Marketing/Sales Campaign.
Your property is under our care during every open house or private inspection.

We undertake a check of the property after each inspection ensuring that the property is left clean, orderly and fully secure. To give you complete peace of mind.

8. Research Service
John Pye Real Estate staff is constantly researching the marketplace to provide you with the latest trends and data. This includes:

  • Australian economy research and how the current macro and micro landscape affects the real estate marketplace in the local area;
  • Local area research including demographics (Population, age, predominant groups) sourced from census information. This information identifies the strength or weakness of each target market;
  • Historical sales data in the street, suburb and price range;
  • Buyer and vendor surveys – these may be formal surveys or information
  • Picked up by talking to hundreds of people. We are equipped to identify the needs, requirements, experiences, and lifestyles of buyers in a financial family and cultural context. This information impacts advertising strategies, market expectations and price expectations.

9. Legal Services
John Pye Real Estate cannot offer legal advice. However, to fulfill our duties as Agents we are required to have a professional understanding of the following acts and regulations and how they relate to the sale or management of your property:

  • The Property, Stock and Business Agents Act,
  • Trade Practices Act
  • Privacy Act
  • The Residential Tenancies Act.

John Pye Real Estate provides an exchange of contract service for:

  • Auction Sales
  • Private Treaty Sales with a five-day cool-off period.

A list of Solicitors OR Conveyancers who can prepare a contract can also be provided. (We do not receive a rebate, discount, or commission for this service.)

As your client, John Pye Real Estate acts under your authority and in your best interest at all times.

10. Accounts Service
Final accounts are provided showing all trust money held and dispersed according to the Agency Agreement and any other instructions.

First Impressions Are Lasting.

Imagine yourself buying your own home. What can you do to increase its value without major expenses? Consider these simple selling tips to make your home attract more buyers and a higher price. It all starts before the buyer has entered your front door:

  • Keep lawns trimmed and edged, flower beds cultivated and the yard free of rubbish.
  • Stow away toys and garden tools.
  • Make sure your yard is safe.

It’s The Little Things That Count.

Inexpensive re-decoration can add value and help bring a quicker and better result.

So too can simple repairs. Fix sticking doors or windows, loose door knobs, broken light globes, leaking taps, peeling paint, or damaged screens.

Make your rooms look bigger and more inviting by removing unnecessary furniture or articles…and flooding them with light. Open the windows (make sure they are clean) and have the lights on.

Make your home sparkle. A regular clean will increase its appeal. Pay special attention to bathrooms and kitchens.

And a fresh bunch of flowers or the wonderful aroma of fresh bread or coffee provides a sense of comfort and homeliness.

Another tip that enhances the atmosphere of your home is having soft background music playing. Turn off anything that may distract a potential buyer such as the TV, computer game, or loud music.

Control The Climate.

Make your home feel comfortable. In summer turn the air conditioner or fan on. Alternatively, open windows to let the breeze flow through. During winter have a slow combustion stove or fireplace going to create atmosphere.

Take A Walk.

It is best if you leave your property during an inspection. This enables potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your home without any distractions. This includes you and your pets. Animals can be a negative distraction even if they are not roaming freely through the property.

Should you happen to meet a potential buyer, we request that you leave negotiating to our Property Consultant. However, be courteous and answer truthfully any questions asked about the property or neighbourhood.

Do not allow a buyer to inspect your home without your John Pye Real Estate Property Consultant.