Essentials for Tenants

Property Rental Made Easy in 7 Simple Steps:

1. Needs Analysis
Make a list of “must haves” and another list of “nice to haves” based on location and property characteristics. Consider: Location, land and house features, condition, style and environmental aspects.

2. Research Your Property
Research the websites for current listings. View,, & You can create an alert for yourself with these sites. You will then be advised of properties meeting your requirements in your target area. Understand both the demand and supply characteristics of the marketplace in your target area. Finally prepare your rent budget for your new home.

3. Prepare Your Credentials as a Tenant

Be ready with copies of all documents for your John Pye Real Estate Property Manager.

You can download your Tenancy Application form at:

Our agency requires:

  • Proof of identity – a drivers licence. If unavailable other proof of identity with photo e.g. passport or proof of age card.
  • Proof of your capacity to pay the rent – wage slips,(or a letter of employment if you haven’t started work) bank statements, and past rental ledgers showing your rent payment history.
  • Proof of your capacity to care for the property – provide references with contact phone numbers. If the reference is old, be sure you make a current check with the Referee. References should confirm that you have left a previous tenancy in excellent condition.
  • Generally Landlords don’t approve pets. If you have a pet, include a pet reference from your current Landlord or Agent.
  • Make yourself stand out from the crowd by preparing a cover letter to attach to an application form. This letter should state the reason why your application should be considered by the Landlord.
4. Inspections

Before you start:

  • Prepare a short list of properties to inspect.
  • Organise your property inspection times allowing you sufficient time for travel between properties.
  • Check whether all properties meeting your requirements are still available.
  • Check your personal presentation to ensure you make the correct impression on the Property Manager.

At the inspection:

  • Be on time so you don’t have to rush.
  • Check the property thoroughly including all inclusions if the property is occupied.
  • Treat the property with respect.
  • Build a relationship with your John Pye Real Estate Property Manager who will assess your application.

5. Submitting your Tenancy Application Form

An application for tenancy is available at all open houses. They can also be downloaded.

  • Complete all information in the application form (including all phone numbers) and ensure that your writing is legible). This will speed up the processing by John Pye Real Estate.
  • Some tenants offer rent in advance for 6 months or more. While this is not a requirement, some Landlords are influenced by rent being paid in advance.

6. Acceptance of Application
All applications are to be submitted by 2pm Monday after the open house. All applications will be advised within 48 hours whether their application has been accepted or not.

7. Signing the Tenancy Agreement

  • Be ready to sign the Tenancy Agreement as soon as you are accepted.
  • You will be required to show original documentation relating to your tenancy credentials.
  • Be ready with your finances! Be sure you have your bond (4 weeks rent) and the first two weeks rent (or more) available.
  • After the Tenancy Agreement is finalised, book your removalist. Be sure the company is reputable by checking their testimonials.
  • After the Tenancy Agreement is finalised, organise your utilities: Power, Gas, Water, Phone, Internet & Pay TV.
  • Be sure to advise your insurers of your new place of residence.

Why Select John Pye Real Estate?

  • Our team has a track record of a large number of properties which have been successfully managed for satisfied owners for a long period of time – many in excess of 14 years;
  • Our team knows what is required to provide you with successful service;
  • Our team understands how to provide you with accurate and relevant to help you make best-possible decisions;
  • Our team values actions which form the basis of a trusting and committed relationship with you;
  • Our team is devoted to the highest standard of principles;
  • Our team understands that service means your needs are to be served promptly every day of the year;
  • Our team holds membership in The Real Estate Institute of NSW and is bound by its code of ethics.