Pennant Hills Property Management

Need a Pennant Hills Real Estate Agent to manage your rental property? 

John Pye Real Estate Pty Ltd has sold or managed hundreds of Pennant Hills properties since our Hornsby office was opened in 1991. Now with over 28 years of Property Management and Sales experience in Pennant Hills, as well as other Hornsby Shire suburbs and distant Sydney suburbs, we believe we offer the best possible service you will find!    

Here are some of our Pennant Hills Managements:

We know the rental value of every property in Pennant Hills and the advantages of every address. We know the community facilities, parks, schools as well as the beautiful bushland surrounding the suburb. Most importantly, we know many of the people who live in Pennant Hills and know best how to serve each one.

Our Team. We are a family-sized agency consisting of John Pye, both daughters (Bec and Vanessa) as Directors and a small team of caring and committed highly skilled, professional Property Managers. Stability of team members means you are not getting to know new staff every year. John Pye team members have served Pennant Hills for 6, 8, 11, 15, 19 and 28 years making it what we believe is the most experienced team servicing Pennant Hills. As a family-sized Agency, we offer the personal care required for the management of your property. All team members have been trained by our agency and honour our John Pye Family principles in serving others.

Our Team is rated as the most awarded Property Management team who care for Pennant Hills properties. We have been awarded the Property Management Company of the Year (in its category of under 500 properties) for LPMA – Leading Property Managers Association, a nation-wide organisation. As well, we have been recognised as leaders and influencers in the Real Estate Industry as winners and finalists in another 15 recent industry awards.

Your personal Property Manager will manage your property as if it was their own. Your personal Property Manager will always act in your best interests at all times for your property. Acting in your best interest ensures you of a trustworthy, professional and honest service. Peace of mind and not fear is what underpins all services offered by John Pye Real Estate.

Your Tenant match will always be the best available through careful screening. Tenants like us and they have told us that they prefer our service to our competitors. We value each Tenant and treat each one with respect. Our Tenants love the properties they rent through John Pye Real Estate in Pennant Hills and take care of them as if it was their own. A happy Tenant means a happy Landlord! For your peace of mind, taking the care and being diligent in Tenant matching means your risks are low with your Pennant Hills property with the John Pye Property Management service. Our Team monitors property care and tenant care with such diligence that problems are amazingly few. Every Tenant is expected to honour their tenancy agreement 100%.

Your investment returns. Pro-active leasing with extensive marketing, inspections on demand plus open houses twice weekly in most cases, results in finding your very best tenant in the shortest possible time for your property. We will even show your property on a Sunday if requested.

Your rental return for your Pennant Hills property is assessed every year in view of other recent Pennant Hills rentals to ensure your rent stays at current market value.

Rent deposits are checked every day to ensure your rent is received on time, every time they are due.

Property care. A detailed photographic inventory of many hundreds of photos and on-going 3 or 6-monthly periodic reports ensures your property returns to you in the same condition at the end of a lease as at the start (less fair wear and tear). If repairs are needed, they are communicated to you and then supervised.

The best technology. Our Team has always been at the forefront of new technology and have been early adopters in all areas to better increase returns for clients and maintain an excellent relationship with Tenants.

Your Owner Portal provides 24/7 insight into your finances and your access to important documents such as tenancy agreements, inspection reports and much more

We use Inspect Real Estate software to assist in matching your property with tenants 24/7. It provides an automated follow-up system for prospective Tenants and also provides an online booking system so that prospective Tenants can arrange inspections when they are free and available.

We are proactive in video marketing to attract the right Tenants. We use walk-through tours saved to YouTube, Virtual Reality 360-degree tours, Facebook Live Open Houses are some examples.

Communication.  We understand that communication is of utmost importance in the management of your property. It is the basis of our Landlord relationships and results in not only effective management but a trustworthy relationship.


You are invited to meet with us at your property or our office so that you get to know the potential rent as well as details and fees for the full service we offer. Let us help you by making sure you’re getting the management you deserve and a maximisation of the investment you made in your property. Contact us today!


John Pye – 0414 914 268

Rebecca (Bec) Reid – 0410 541 866

Craig Wang – 0466 258 936

Rachel Stark – 0416 218 050