Case Study – 11 Alberta Avenue, Cowan




Property details:

Torrens Title, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Car Carport at rear, 1 Car Carport at front.

Sold by Private Treaty with a no-fuss sale. More property details can be found here.


Result details:

Sold $1,140,000

Extremely Happy Vendors and extremely Happy Purchasers!

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Sales Market Appraisal

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Marketing details:

Video Tour

Professional photography and floor plan

Listed on, Google, YouTube, Social Media campaign on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, and digital newsletter to our Investors and Buyers. 

Saturday and weekday open homes, plus private inspections during the week with over 25 individual inspections (at Open Homes and Private Inspections).


Significant extra details:

The successful Purchaser visited at a 9am Open House. Many people would think that 11am is the premium time-slot and the 9am -time-slot would be too early for people. The feedback from the Purchaser was that it was a brilliant time to come, so that they didn’t have to compete with the other Open Home times and be choosey with which Open Home they would need to sacrifice in order to see any house.

Pest & Building was ordered by us on behalf of the Sellers prior to the home going on the market and was available to interested parties to pay-to-view the report. This provided confidence in the Purchaser when begining negotiations and also provided information to the Seller about the construction and notified them of anything that may be considered an issue.



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