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These will be the biggest home design trends in 2019, according to two interior designers

Interior designer Sarah-Jane Mossop from CLOStudios and Tegan Robbins from Wavetrain share the home design trends that will be big in 2019…. Read the full post »

Housing Demands Peaked

Australia’s dramatic rate of population growth appears to have peaked, with the number of overseas migrants tanking in December.  Total population growth was down 18% in the December quarter of 2009 compared with December 2008.

Net overseas migrants are down significantly since peaking in the March quarter last year at 98,140.  In the December quarter of last year net migration was just 49,170 – about fifty percent lower than peak overseas … Read the full post »

Where can the average buyer afford to purchase?

Housing affordability remains an issue however, there are still options for the price sensitive purchaser… particularly within the unit market.

Last week’s Property Pulse looked at the average buying power across each state, the proportion of total sales at prices affordable for the average buyer and the council areas with the greatest proportion of sales at or below average prices for houses. This week we take a look at the same … Read the full post »