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Consumer Confidence and the Housing Market Activity

The relationship between consumer confidence and housing market activity is a topic that we often comment on in relation to the housing market. The importance of a positive consumer mindset is simple; for a prospective buyer to make a high commitment purchase decision like buying a home they need to have a base line level of optimism about their job security, their ability to service a mortgage and the prospects … Read the full post »

Auctions on the Rise

Around Australia, property auctions have enjoyed very buoyant conditions with more than 70 percent of auctions selling under the hammer week on week for the last 15 weeks running.
The number of auctions held across Australia has increased consistently since the first week of August when just 817 auctions were held. The number of auctions scheduled for this weekend is set to be one of the largest, with 1,670 auctions scheduled.

For … Read the full post »

Great Time to Buy a Coastal Bargain

You have no doubt heard the old adage that it makes sense to buy the cheapest house in the best street. A recent stay at Blacksmiths just north of Swansea in the Port Macquarie area made me realise the meaning of this fundamental statement of Real Estate wisdom.

What is the best street in Australia? Is it the “street” which runs up the east coast with very close proximity to our … Read the full post »