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Property Seeker Survey 2023 – Presented by



Rachel Stark, one of our team members attended this online presentation of the Property Seeker Survey 2023, in late August – presented by


Below are some of the notes from the presentation and can be considered as a summary. Please note, they do not include all the facts that were presented that day.

Survey Summary:

Survey data collected in May 2023. 6,300+ participants took part. The largest survey of its kind … Read the full post »

Digital Detox for the Long Weekend

Prepping for the Easter Long Weekend?

Have a quick watch of Rachel’s video on having a Digital Detox.
Why Do It?

Lower stress
Control more of your time
More focus on a task at hand
Break the cycle
Potential health effects
Reduces quality of sleep as it suppresses melatonin
Can cause eye strain and vision problems, migraines and headaches

How To Do It?

Decide on the type of detox
Set goals
Make a … Read the full post »

Real Estate Myth Busters – Agents are made equal


Here’s a Myth you may have heard about the Real Estate industry…

Agents are all made equal

There are Agencies out there who charge cheap fees and there’s a reason why…

Cheap fees = Cheap results.

You get what you pay for in this industry!


Some of their reasons why… well…they have to do volume to make ends meet while skimping on the personal service for the Client, and they don’t have the experience nor … Read the full post »