Digital Detox for the Long Weekend

Prepping for the Easter Long Weekend?

Have a quick watch of Rachel’s video on having a Digital Detox.

Why Do It?

  • Lower stress
  • Control more of your time
  • More focus on a task at hand
  • Break the cycle
  • Potential health effects
  • Reduces quality of sleep as it suppresses melatonin
  • Can cause eye strain and vision problems, migraines and headaches


How To Do It?

  • Decide on the type of detox
  • Set goals
  • Make a plan
  • Allocate time



  • Conscious use of screens
  • Schedule time away/ Set time limits
  • No tech bedrooms
  • Clean out of old apps and accounts that are unused
  • Turn off notifications
  • No dual screens (guilty)
  • Create a dream list


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