Is it time for Aircon to be a minimum standard in rental properties?



As Sydney sweltered through a Saturday that saw temperatures pass 43 degrees a strong trend began to run through social media across all platforms.

How do renters stay cool without air conditioning in their homes?

Renters who are not able to install anything more than a portable air conditioner (the type that needs to be vented through a window) took their socials to help one another try to stay cool and, most importantly, stay safe.

Suggestions ranged from:

  • Putting their feet in buckets of cold water
  • Draping wet towels over fans
  • Covering windows and balconies in everything from sheets and towels to shade cloth
  • Going to shopping centres or going for a drive to use A/C
  • Some even opted to head to Melbourne in search of cooler weather.

We spoke with the JPRE Team and asked what their best tips were for keeping cool:

  • Making sure the house and curtains are all shut before 8am
  • Embrace evaporative coolers (they are the pedestal fans more powerful relative)
  • Take a cold shower
  • Use the microwave instead of the oven
  • Stay hydrated
  • Make sure your ceiling fans are on ‘summer’ (yes a lot of them have summer and winter modes)

If you are lucky enough to have air-conditioning but are worried about the cost, the most efficient time to put this on is early, as long as you keep the blinds closed a short run in the morning should help keep the temperature down all day.

As our summers get hotter and hotter the demand for air conditioners in rental properties is increasing.

Do you think we have reached the point where some form of cooling needs to be included in the minimum rent standards?

And until then what are your best tips for beating the heat this summer?

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