Is my property fit for habitation as a rental property?


Did you know there are prescribed minimum standards when it comes to a home and whether it is fit for habitation as a rental property?

Residential Tenancies Act 2010 (NSW) in Section 52 (A) provides a very clear set of expectations for Tenants, Landlords, and Property Managers.

Here is the list of the seven (7) minimum standards that must be met for a rental property:

  1. Be structurally sound
  2. Have adequate lighting, either natural or artificial (storage rooms or garages)
  3. Have adequate ventilation
  4. Be supplied with electricity or gas with an adequate number of outlets for lighting and heating and for the use of appliances.
  5. Have adequate plumbing and drainage
  6. Bec connected to a water supply service or have infrastructure that’s able to supply hot and cold water for drinking, washing, and cleaning
  7. Contain bathroom facilities that allow for privacy, including toilet and washing facilities.


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