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Property damage insurance claims surge

The frequency of property damage claims – both malicious and accidental – has surged by as much as 46 per cent in the past 12 months, according to a landlord insurance company.

“These figures challenge the stereotypes that exist in relation to rental property damage,” Terri Scheer Insurance manager Carolyn Majda said.

“There is a widely-held misconception that good tenants won’t cause damage. The figures show that this is far from true.”

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Tips to secure yourself a rental property

Here are some helpful tips to consider when applying for a rental property:

1. Turn up to the inspection on time so that you won’t have to rush though the property.

2. Treat the property with respect when visiting. Do not slam doors or push anything open with your feet.

3. Submit a neat application. Quite often we receive application forms that are messy, torn, crumpled or have pages / sections missing and … Read the full post »

Why are tenants afraid to ask landlords for repairs?

Often when an agent goes to a property to conduct a periodic inspection, they notice repairs that the tenant had not informed them about. We then ask the question “Why are tenants so afraid to ask for repairs?”

Research suggests that it is for fear of rent increases or being labelled a problem tenant. This is not a good thing for either the tenant or the landlord. If the tenant attempts … Read the full post »