Tips to secure yourself a rental property

Here are some helpful tips to consider when applying for a rental property:

1. Turn up to the inspection on time so that you won’t have to rush though the property.

2. Treat the property with respect when visiting. Do not slam doors or push anything open with your feet.

3. Submit a neat application. Quite often we receive application forms that are messy, torn, crumpled or have pages / sections missing and that can make it difficult for the agent to read.

4. Complete all information in the application otherwise the agent will be unable to process your application. Do not leave out phone numbers and make sure your references know we’re going to call.

5. Provide at least 100 points of identification as per the list in the application form. Providing more than 100 points can be advantageous to your application.

6. Be thorough and provide as much information as possible. For example, you can attach a covering letter with specific details about yourself and outlining why you would make a good tenant for the property.

7. If you have a rental history, organise a copy of your tenant ledger from your current rental agency.

8. If you have a pet, include a pet reference from your current rental agency.

9. Often, successful applicants pay a few months rent in advance. While not necessary to secure a property, some landlords may find this appealing if deciding between a number of quality applicants.

10. Be available to sign the lease documents and have your bond money and first 2 weeks rental money ready. Sometimes the agent may need the successful applicant to come in right away to sign a lease so make sure you can make yourself available to do this.