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25 Ways to Increase the Value of your Home

25 Ways to Increase the Value of your Home


Spruce up the yard. Get rid of rubbish and yard waste. Keep your lawn in good condition and mow it. This includes using a whipper-snipper to get in the tight corners and along the edges of paths and the house. Trim the hedges, get rid of weeds, and mulch the flower beds. If you … Read the full post »

Homes still in short supply

In these times of lower auction results, and tales abounding of property bargains galore it might seem a bit unbelievable to be talking about a housing supply issue.

Many vendors are probably thinking that the only supply issue they have right now is that there’s too many properties on the market. But behind the scenes there’s still plenty of talk about how we’re not building enough houses by number crunchers who … Read the full post »

Goodbye Torrens Assurance Levy

You will recall that on 1 July 2010 the former NSW Labor Government introduced the Torrens Assurance Levy, which is an ad valorem tax payable on the registration of a transfer of NSW property where the purchase price is more than $500,000. The greater the purchase price, the higher the levy payable. By way of example, the tax amounts to $204 on a property with a price of $600,000, and … Read the full post »

So you’ve decided to sell at Auction

Quite often after the decision to sell via auction has been made, a flurry of nerves strikes the vendor; it’s too much pressure, what if there’s only one bidder, what if there’s none or everyone’s worst fear, what if it passes in, then we’ll never sell!

The good news is that none of these thoughts are worth worrying about. If you have selected a good agent that you trust then they … Read the full post »