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Buying or Renting a Home with a Pool or Spa?

If you are renting or buying a property with a pool or spa, it is important that you check the pool fencing. This is particularly important if you have young children, or will be having young children over to visit.

Pool fencing plays a vital role in childhood drowning prevention. A fully functional fence with a self-closing self-latching gate, along with vigilant adult supervision is the best way to prevent childhood … Read the full post »

NSW to limit first-home stamp duty concessions

The NSW government will limit full stamp duty concessions to those buying new homes from 1 January 2012.

First-home buyers currently pay no stamp duty on all properties under $500,000 and receive a discount for properties valued up to $600,000. From January 1 next year, the stamp duty concessions will apply only to newly constructed homes, including those built off the plan.

The move is a welcome boost to the spring property … Read the full post »

The hottest question in property: Apartment or House?

In this article Property Professor Peter Koulizos compares apartments and houses as possible investment options, so far as capital growth is concerned. He explains that they differ in performance for a number of reasons.
Demand v Supply
For those of you that have studied Economics you might remember that price is a function of demand and supply. In other words, the price of something is based on how many people want it … Read the full post »

The Million Dollar Home Club

From the latest results of RP Data’s Property Pulse, 2011 is likely to be remembered as the year of the million dollar property.

Despite below average sales volumes during 2010, the number of suburbs with a median price at or in excess of $1 million increased to 212 suburbs nationwide. The December quarter report showed that over 2010 the number of suburbs with a $1 million price tag nationwide grew by … Read the full post »

Floor Plans – An Essential Tool for your Marketing Campaign

When I look at a property, one of the first things I look for is whether there is a floor plan. I am a visual person and like to be able to visualise the space available in a property. Does this sound like you too? There’s a good chance it does. The majority of buyers today want to see a floor plan before they even consider if the property suits … Read the full post »

Photo Finish!

With so many people now turning to the internet to do their house hunting, professional property photography has become the standard in property marketing. Buyers expect to see visual content when searching for their dream home. When people look at the property photos in a listing, they imagine themselves living in that space. Will potential buyers imagine themselves in the house that an agent has snapped on his 2 megapixel … Read the full post »

Homes still in short supply

In these times of lower auction results, and tales abounding of property bargains galore it might seem a bit unbelievable to be talking about a housing supply issue.

Many vendors are probably thinking that the only supply issue they have right now is that there’s too many properties on the market. But behind the scenes there’s still plenty of talk about how we’re not building enough houses by number crunchers who … Read the full post »

Keeping your cool

There are opportunities and dangers when surrendering your cooling off period.

In the heat of the moment, the exhilaration of finding and snaring a jewel in the real estate market can be a buyer’s natural adrenalin. But then you sleep on it. And you start to think… Maybe the place will need a bit more work than expected. And how many extra dollars will that cost?

The timber floors seemed a bit … Read the full post »

Window and Balcony Safety for Children

An alarming number of children present to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead each year as a result of falling from windows and Balcony. Children may fall out of a window which is open more than 10cm, even if a fly screen is present.

How common are these injuries?

Over the past 10 years there have been 91 children admitted to the Children’s Hospital at Westmead after falling from windows. Almost all of … Read the full post »

Goodbye Torrens Assurance Levy

You will recall that on 1 July 2010 the former NSW Labor Government introduced the Torrens Assurance Levy, which is an ad valorem tax payable on the registration of a transfer of NSW property where the purchase price is more than $500,000. The greater the purchase price, the higher the levy payable. By way of example, the tax amounts to $204 on a property with a price of $600,000, and … Read the full post »

Sydney delivers stellar rents

Sydney suburbs are dominating when it comes to rental returns, new research has revealed.

According to RP Data, Sydney regions accounted for 23 of the 35 best performing capital city rental markets over the past 12 months.

Woollahra in Sydney’s highly coveted Eastern Suburbs topped the list recording a 22.2 per cent increase in the median advertised rental price for houses from $900 in March 2010 to $1,100 in March 2011.

Burwood houses … Read the full post »

25 Ways to Increase the Value of your Home

Spruce up the yard. Get rid of trash and yard waste. Keep your lawn in good condition and mow it. This includes using a weed whacker to get in the tight corners and along the edges of sidewalks and the house. Trim the hedges, get rid of weeds, and mulch the flower beds. If you don’t have much to work with, plant some flowers or install some landscaping appropriate for … Read the full post »

Strata Schemes – Part 4

We hope you have found our Strata Scheme series helpful. If you missed any of the previous posts, you can read them here – Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

To conclude the series, we have listed some of the questions that we are frequently asked by owners and tenants. If you have any to add, comment below and we’ll answer them for you!

Can I keep a … Read the full post »

Strata Schemes – Part 3

Maintenance Responsibilities – Owner or Owners Corporation?
One of the most confusing aspects of owning a lot within a strata scheme is understanding who is responsible for the maintenance of certain elements within the lot. This can become even more confusing because not every strata plan is the same and some owners corporations may pass specific By-Laws, which change or absolve the owners corporation’s maintenance responsibilities. This will be discussed in … Read the full post »

Strata Schemes – Part 2

Owners Corporation and Executive Committee
The owners corporation is the body made up by all the owners in the strata scheme and is considered the governing body of the strata plan. An owners corporation is defined as follows;
The owners of the lots from time to time in a strata scheme constitute a body corporate under the name ‘The Owners – Strata Plan No. X’ (X being the registered number of the … Read the full post »

Strata Schemes – Part 1

What is a Strata Scheme?
A strata scheme is a building or collection of buildings, where individuals each own a small portion (a lot) but where there is also common property (eg. external walls, windows, roof, driveways etc) which every owner shares ownership of. Strata schemes are effectively small communities where the activities and attitudes of residents can have a significant impact on the satisfaction and enjoyment of others.

Whilst strata living … Read the full post »

House Buying Know how

“Buying a home can be a bit like buying a carton of eggs. You never know what you’re going to find when you look inside —- bits might be missing, cracked, old, broken or rotten. So you have to check carefully to make sure you are getting what you pay for.” – Sarah Mills (ninemsn Money)

Buying a house can be very overwhelming as there are more factors to consider compared … Read the full post »

Apartment Buying Knowhow

The criteria to evaluate when buying an apartment are similar to those when buying a house – location and aspect, for example. Yet experienced apartment buyers say that there are things to consider that aren’t always obvious the first time round. *
Big or Small Building?
Some apartment buildings are large while some have as few as four apartments in the block. Size is worth considering, depending on what sort of lifestyle … Read the full post »