Photo Finish!

With so many people now turning to the internet to do their house hunting, professional property photography has become the standard in property marketing. Buyers expect to see visual content when searching for their dream home. When people look at the property photos in a listing, they imagine themselves living in that space. Will potential buyers imagine themselves in the house that an agent has snapped on his 2 megapixel camera phone? Most likely not because they haven’t captured any of the homes’ character or individuality. Buyers will respond better to bright and clear images taken by a professional that showcase the home’s warmth and features and invites them to come for a closer look. Buyers look at lots of homes, and only the ones with attractive photos and a sophisticated floor plan will make it onto the buyer’s shortlist.

First Impressions Last

In today’s marketplace, a buyer will most likely gain their first impression of YourProperty™ from the photos – be it online, an office window, from direct mail or a pictorial signboard. YourProperty™ will always present better to the market and stand out more to buyers when the images are enticing.

The photos capture the eye, generate the buyer’s interest, lead to a viewing of YourProperty™, and ultimately a sale. Unflattering pictures are likely to turn buyers off. YourProperty™ is probably the most expensive asset that you will ever sell – why not make an impression with professional photographs?

Preparing YourProperty™ to be Photographed

Consider the best features of YourProperty™. What attracted you in the first place to purchase it? What are its highlights? What time of day does it look its best?

To help buyers envisage YourProperty™ as their new home, we encourage you to consider the following aspects when preparing it to be photographed:

  • De-clutter and depersonalise throughout. Remove your really personal pictures and other personal items that you don’t want to be shown in marketing YourProperty™.
  • Tidy away toys and play equipment, pet bowls and accessories.
  • De-magnet the fridge and clear your kitchen bench tops.
  • Tidy toiletries away in the bathroom and neatly hang clean, matching towels.
  • Neatly make all beds.
  • Lay the dining table with nice tableware and consider placing a vase full of flowers in the centre for an added touch.
  • Remove washing from the line, mow the lawn, trim the hedges and clear up any dead leaves.
  • Straighten cushions on lounges.

We believe that professional property photography is a smart investment for any property marketing campaign. When you list YourProperty™ with John Pye Real Estate, we offer you a professional photography and floor plan package. Are you considering selling YourProperty™? Contact us on +61 2 9476 0000 for a free, no-obligation market appraisal.