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What do you do if you are a Landlord and are unhappy with your current Property Manager?

John Pye Real Estate continues to pick up a large number of property managements where Landlords are stressed out over their current management situation.

Landlord Obligations – Part 3 – Additional Responsibilities

John Pye’s experience extends over 26 years (and counting!) in the real estate industry.

In this video, he shares with us about Landlord obligations when it comes to the additional responsibilities in residential rental properties. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the series for a full run down.

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Are houses a better investment than units?

Are houses a better investment than units?
It’s not about which property type is the best, it’s about which one is the best for you.
Ask anyone and there will always be a huge argument about whether houses or units are better investments because a lot of people think that houses are superior to units and vice versa.

But to me, it’s not about which … Read the full post »

What’s the Future of the Australian Property Market? – Chat with Dr Andrew Wilson

In late October, Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley recorded a LIVE Podcast with Dr Andrew Wilson on the Future of the Australian Property Market at the Sydney Property Buyer Expo.

This podcast is a MUST LISTEN recording! Dr Andrew Wilson is the Chief Economist for the Domain Group and is an appointed housing market expert and adviser to the Federal Government funded, Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network. He holds a PhD … Read the full post »

Sales & Rental Market Reports – JULY-SEPTEMBER 2016

Our third quarter JULY-SEPTEMBER 2016 Sales & Rental Market Reports are now completed and found by choosing the relevant suburb, then clicking the links below. If you would like a free customised report specifically for your property, please contact us and we would be happy to provide this for you at no obligation.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the market, in relation to selling, buying, renting or investing, … Read the full post »

The Land Tax Sting In The Tail Which No-one Knows About

All publicity about this year’s NSW State budget has been centred around the additional 4% stamp duty which will now be charged to buyers who are not Australian citizens or Permanent Residents! Fair enough for overseas purchasers contemplating buying property if NSW. They can decide whether to buy – or not – based on this additional impost.

Not so for those who currently own property in NSW!

What has been less publicised is … Read the full post »

Are Great Property Investors Born or Made?

If you’re like me you were told from very young age that if you want to succeed at something – be it sport, school or a musical instrument – that you must put in time, hard work and importantly, practice. Most of us learnt our times tables by repeating them over and over – practicing multiplication was the most effective means of learning this skill. Well the same applies to … Read the full post »

6 Factors To Consider Before Investing In Property

The number of people investing in real estate is increasing, but before you buy, you need to make sure it is right for you before you make a decision.
Here are 6 factors it is wise to consider before making your property purchase:
1. Your Investment Focus

With real estate you have 4 choices: Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Residential. Commercial and Industrial offer a far higher return to compensate for what is frequently … Read the full post »