From the Principal: John Pye

Figures RESIDEX released recently indicate that Sydney was outperformed by all Australian capital cities last year in terms of the median sale value of properties. While Sydney suffered a 4.2% decrease in value, Adelaide increased by 4.7%. Fewer sales were made in Sydney than the smaller cites of Melbourne and Brisbane. Even Adelaide’s turnover was about a half of Sydney’s. However, RESIDEX predictions for the future put Sydney on the top for capital gain.

According to the Real Estate Institute, though the CPI is falling (now at 3.2%) the increase in rents in Sydney has been 8% over the last year.

When was the last time you increased your rent? We provide every Investor with regular updated recommended rental opinions. We strongly suggest that all rents are increased on an annual basis and that excellent tenants are rewarded by maintaining their rents at a little less than market rent. If you would like any further advice about your property, contact Terry Kamand, our Property Department manager.

John Pye