Interview Margaret O’Connor from O’Connor Strata – “How to build great relationships in a Strata Plan”

Here is one of our latest interviews recorded live on Facebook with Margaret O’Connor from O’Connor Strata.

Margaret’s experience is extensive and what she shares in this is invaluable. Her and her husband started their business in 1985 and in that time she has seen the good, the bad and the ugly in strata communities.

Some of the questions we cover in this interview are:

  • What are the key elements to being a “great” Strata Home-occupier?
  • What are the key elements to being a “great” Strata Landlord?
  • What is important in a relationship between the owners in a Strata Plan and the Strata Managers?
  • What are some tips/hints/info on making relationships work between owners and Strata Managers – what are the things that you wish every Strata owner knew.

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