Moving Tips We’ve Learnt Over The Years

  1. Plan it out
  • Do you have what you need?
  • Book your removalists
  • What order are you packing in?
  • Where is it going?
  • Who is doing what?
  1. Clean & Purge as you go
  1. Colour coding / whats inside / how important?
  1. Duel purpose – glasses in socks – suitcases for books – garbage bags on hanging clothes
  1. Keep it together
  1. Stop buying groceries / pre make food
  1. Pack a VIP bag – clothes, soap, TP, Shower stuff, towels (bonus esky)
  1. Do what you need to before the boxes arrive
  1. Baby sitter / Pet sitter
  1. Relax things are going to go wrong



Send us a message or comment below if you have any other moving tips to share.

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