The Oil Spill and Real Estate

You may wonder what the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster has to do with John Pye Real Estate services.

I read with interest a comment in the Sydney Morning Herald that stated in 2007, BP chief executive Tony Hayward made a speech to signal the new course for BP. He said that they had just finished a ‘difficult, critical but necessary self assessment’. The diagnosis was ‘We had too many people working to save the world. We’d lost track of the fact that our primary purpose was to create value for our shareholders’. This change in purpose then put BP on a new track – a focus on profits without regard to taking care of our world. We have now seen the result of this new purpose – BP share prices have fallen to half their previous value after
one of the worst manmade disasters in history.

This is why at John Pye Real Estate we take our Vision, Purpose and Core Values very seriously. They were not dreamt up as marketing hype but exist as a foundation for our professional services. Every team member is expected to contribute to a culture based on our Vision, Purpose and Core Values. While none of these talk about profit, our belief is that in living out these statements, our long term success and profitability is guaranteed.

We developed our Vision, Purpose and Values independently of our logo design. Then to our amazement, we discovered that our logo with its 3 elements confirmed these 3 statements.

Tree of Life (Quality of Life)

  • Chosen by our Graphic Designer to represent the Bushland Shire – Hornsby Shire. (We launched in 1991 with a focus on this shire. We now have clients over half of Sydney.)
  • A representation of our corporate vision: “John Pye Real Estate -a unique industry leader delivering quality of life to clients, customers and colleagues.”
  • A symbol of life, growth and prosperity. As our client or customer we strive to provide you with a service which will enhance the quality of your life.

High Ground

  • Our Graphic Designer’s idea was to represent the hills and plateaux in our local Shire.
  • A representation of our corporate purpose: “John Pye Real Estate provides Empowered Service® to clients, customers and colleagues, nurturing to build mutual trust and hope with honour and integrity.”
  • The High Ground is a symbol of the place where we serve our clients and customers in our Marketplace – the ethical high ground. Our attitude towards our clients and customers is one of ‘servant leadership’. This is about leading our clients to a successful outcome through
    understanding what it truly means ‘to serve’. An essential part of this service is to ‘treat our clients and customers as we would like to be treated’”.
  • Illustrates how YourProperty™ will stand out in the marketplace. We understand how to transform YourProperty™ into a powerful brand, placing it on the hill.


  • Our Graphic Designer used the picket fence as a representation of ‘the built
  • A representation of our core values. There are 8 ‘pickets’ on each side of the opening to the ‘Tree of Life (Quality of Life)’. These represent our 8 values: care, openness and honesty, trust, loyalty, respect, empowerment, harmony/agreement and unity of direction. The fact that these are repeated on the other side of the opening is a confirmation of their importance. Empowered Service® is a culmination of all of these core values.
  • A fence is a symbol of protection – your interests are protected by our commitment to our values when we deliver our professional service.

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