Balconies Compulsary Under New Laws

All new apartments in Sydney will be required to have a balcony according to proposed new Council development laws.

The City of Sydney’s draft Development Control Plan, which will be considered by Council next Monday 18 October, aims to amalgamate 62 current planning policies into one document, to simplify and improve city development.

Under the Plan, three quarters of all new apartments in Sydney will be required to have proper ‘walk out’ balconies, while the remaining quarter will require smaller ‘juliet’ balconies, in a bid to increase the amount of light and space in apartments.

In addition, every new private home will require a bicycle space as part of the city’s effort to encourage cycling.

Sydney Council CEO Monica Barone said the draft Plan provided the convenience of a single point of reference for all developers whilst balancing the need for new and sustainable development.

But Urban Taskforce CEO Aaron Gadiel said the new plans would effectively drive developers out of Sydney.

”Last month the City of Sydney published its 562-page draft of a new supposedly simplified local environmental plan. But now, the city council has developed an even more complex additional 873 pages in its new development control plan,” Mr Gadiel said.

”With this kind of complexity, no wonder so many developers have been forced interstate,” he said.

“It goes to show that ‘simplification’ is breeding even more regulation and making [it] more difficult, and more costly, to supply the new homes, retail precincts workplaces the city needs.,’ he said

Source: Real Estate Business Bulletin

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