Do you have a spare $70,000 up your sleeve?

If so, we have the perfect rental for you! The whole principality of Liechtenstein is now available for rent from $US70,000 a night. This tiny, historic and picturesque patch of Europe is made up of just 11 villages and has about 33,000 inhabitants. They get to stay, by the way.

The starting price of $US70,000 a night, is for two nights’ minimum and for up to 150 people. That includes catering, activities and “basic branding” for those who like to make a statement wherever they go.

For Rent: Liechtenstein

For the full experience, why not rename city streets and town squares, print your own temporary currencies or have logos or names carved into the snow on a mountainside.

Liechtenstein is best known for its tax-haven status and diminutive size but could hit the headlines in future by hosting some very large parties.

Don’t think you can just call up the week before and pop over, though. Even small events take three months to organise and arrangements for larger groups, are “ideally made one year before”.

This whole-country-rental idea started with rapper Snoop Dogg. He wanted to shoot a music video there in the middle of last year and, instead of taking the village by village rental option – which was the standard then, he asked the government for the whole place.

The principality has yet to be rented out — although a couple recently came close to hiring it for their wedding until the marriage was called off.

The online ad says it gives extreme holidaymakers and conference organisers access not only to “the principality of Liechtenstein, but also to six Austrian villages, three German towns, and one Swiss ski-resort village”.

The ad does note that there is a “super-strict cancellation policy”.

We’ve all cancelled dates and appointments … how would you feel about cancelling a whole country?

The good news is that “cleaning fees are always refunded if the guest did not check in”. That’s a relief: you would hate to be stuck with the cleaning bill for a country that you’d never even visited.

So, what exactly are you supposed to do with a village full of “rented” inhabitants? What would you do if you rented a whole country?