If Housing is Dense, Live Underwater

Making news this week, The Northern Star has reported that real estate under the sea may become the next big thing.

According to the daily, development company Domeshells Australia is working with inventor Shaun Waterford to create a prototype structure that would allow people to spend extended periods of time underwater. A prototype is about 70 per cent completed

Mr Waterford told The Northern Star that he is hoping to break the record for staying underwater by living in the structure for 90 days.

“The record was set in the USA by Rick Presley in 1982 and was for 69 days,” he said.

In addition to the home, Mr Waterford will also be afforded the use of an aquatic “backyard”.

“I can leave the underwater habitat as often as I like as long as I don’t break the surface,” he told the daily.

“I’ll have an internet feed going to the habitat, so I’ll be in continual contact with the outside world,” he said.

And like any real estate investment, Mr Waterford said location was important.

“I want to place it in the Tweed Shire,” he said. “I’m looking for a location away from ocean swells and current.”

Source: Real Estate Business