It’s Our 30th Birthday!

Thirty years ago today, John Pye Real Estate Pty Ltd began offering services to the Hornsby marketplace. Initially we traded as a national franchise brand, then changed to John Pye Real Estate in 1998.

Whether you have been with us for 30 years, or have become a John Pye Real Estate Client just this week, we want to say a heart-felt thank you for allowing us to care for you, your family and your property.

We appreciate the kind and affirming words that people have shared with us over the years and also the many recommendations and referrals that you, our wonderful Clients and Customers, have provided to us.

If you have a message you would like to pass onto John and the Team, feel free to reply and send your message through.

If you have family members or friends with Real Estate service needs in Sales or Property Management please mention us to them.

A few years ago, we put together a little list of some interesting facts from our experience of being in Real Estate:

– We still manage a good number of property which came with the purchase of the business in 1991 including one full block of home units in Hornsby

– Our first sale was a 3-bedroom house in Arthurs Circle, Mount Colah which sold for $215,000. This property is still under management. The first home unit (2 Beds) sold was at block 3-7 Edgeworth David Ave, Hornsby for $161,500

– We have sold the largest house, accommodation-wise, within the Hornsby Shire – 18 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms plus a couple of grand living rooms situated at Hookhams Corner

– The youngest Purchaser we have helped in purchasing their first home was 23 years old. She lived in the unit for 6 months and moved back to her family home, and rented out the property

– We have a large number of properties owned by second generation clients, bought by parents and now a legacy left to their children

– We have sold multiple properties in Hornsby and Asquith for several individuals within one local family – parents, grown-up children and in one case, grandchildren

– Many in our Investor portfolio have several properties. Our Client with the largest investment portfolio is one with 46 properties. Another has 18 properties spread over a huge area of Sydney

– We have sold and still manage property for the NSW State Government. Plus, we have sold or managed property for the Hornsby Shire Council, Baptist Church, Church of Christ, Salvation Army, Seventh-day Adventist Church, Anglican Church and the Catholic Church, as well as on behalf of the Public Trustee (now known as NSWTG)

– We have sold one particular Mount Colah home 4 times, in a period of approx. 5 years – though the current Buyer has enjoyed being there for over 16 years now! Yet other properties we have sold have never come back onto the market. In all, there are countless transactions – we estimate several thousand

– In all, we have sold or managed property in just over 80 suburbs of Sydney

Here’s to the next 30 years!

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