Online auctions the future in real estate

John Pye Real Estate were early adopters of online Auctions in the sale of properties. We were the first agents in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney to host the first online auction for a home in Marine Crescent, Hornsby Heights. It sold “under the hammer” in 2010 and held the suburb record for sale price for a number of years. The successful bidder secured the property while sitting in their office on a workday. Read more about this successful method of sale below and if you are interested in selling and learning more about how John Pye Real Estate can make a difference in the marketing and sale of your home, call or email our team today.

Image from The Real Estate Conversation


Initially released to a handful of agents in 2007, Sale Ezy was the first operational online property auction system patented in Australia.

With the market, consumer demand and expectations changing, Sale Ezy was re-developed over several years and recently relaunched, late last year.

Sale Ezy extends the auction experience in a completely online space, giving buyers the opportunity to get in early and make a winning bid before the auction starts to heat up, or to compete against the clock and other bidders in a countdown towards final call.

Estate Agents Co-operative (EAC) CEO, David Crombie, said the partnership is exciting for members.

“EAC members have always been privy to the best that technology for real estate has to offer. We are pleased to announce a new partnership between EAC and Sale Ezy, through which our members can offer clients a powerful, streamlined online sales platform for their listings, with preferential pricing,” he said.

He told WILLIAMS MEDIA online auctions are the future in real estate.

“We live in a 24/7 world now and a lot more is being done online and in addition to that, not everyone can always make it to an onsite auction,” Mr Crombie said.

Sales Ezy Director, Allan McDonald, agrees.

“Reaching more buyers by embracing technology that allows people to bid from their office in China, holiday in Greece or just the sidelines of their child’s sporting Grand Final is a win for everyone,” he said.

“As an agent and auctioneer of 30 years, I’ve seen our industry start to change. The rate of which that change is taking place is rapidly increasing as both vendors and buyers demand faster response time, more transparency, greater access, convenience and mobility.”

“Sale Ezy is designed to give agents a third selling option to offer clients a solution that meets all of those needs. Those agents who jump on board early will become the experts, giving their brand a real edge and ownership of a practice that is inevitable; those who don’t recognize the opportunity of online sales risk being left behind,” Mr McDonald said.

Since its relaunch, the site has already seen several successful sales, to buyers interstate and throughout Asia and Europe.

“We’ve already had several successful sales now, we’ve had at least one overseas sale but the majority have been Australian,” Mr Crombie said.

He said even the older generation are getting on board.

“One of the listings that was put up and successfully sold was owned by a 70-year-old gentleman,” he said.


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