Target Purchasing

Have you ever thought “I would buy that property if it ever came onto the market”. We recently had a client complain that I didn’t advise him of the fact that the next door property had come onto the market with another Agent. Of course we don’t have the time to monitor the status of every property in Sydney. However, as a result of this complaint I did some research and discovered that there is a computer program which can ‘flag’ particular properties and advise the user the ‘on the market’ status the moment the property comes on the market. We don’t have this program as it is quite expensive to buy. However, I successfully convinced a local Mortgage Broker to buy the program as it had other benefits for them as well.

So if you want to buy the property next to your investment property OR you want to target properties in the ‘proposed re-zoning’ areas, or any property in NSW, contact me with the appropriate address details and I will submit them to our Mortgage Broker contact who will monitor your targeted properties.

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  • Keep you landscaping costs to a minimum
  • If it doesn’t increase the rent or the value don’t do it
  • Get any free plants available from some Councils
  • Keep your plants low maintenance
  • Install tanks using the subsidies available
  • Courtyards and gazebos add value for tenants
  • Provide front fences for street appeal and neighbour friendly side fences
  • Avoid pools and ponds Decks are great
  • Install shade structures Change ugly areas with paving or paving paint

Source: Real Estate Dynamics (July 2009)