Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas & a Prosperous 2017


With our sincere thanks for your

valued business and continued friendship,

may your Christmas be filled with love and

laughter as we look forward to 2017.


Warmest regards from all the
team at John Pye Real Estate,


Anne, Olivia, Sophie, Cherra,

Vanessa, Hannah, Christie, Barbara,

Julie, Georgia, Garry, Bec

John & Ofelia.



Behind the photograph:
In 2015, John photographed this giant River Gum standing in a dry creek bed in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia. To him this tree stood as a symbol of the ‘Tree of Life’ and as such reminded him of our own logo. This giant River Gum, which in spite of the scars from tempest, flood and fire has stood the test of time. Ancient… yet this tree still has the same youthful vitality it has always had as its roots draw from a living stream of water well below the dry creek bed on which it stands.