Your Investment Property Audit

Does your investment property need a health check?

Can you be certain that the rent you are charging your tenant has kept up with market rates?

Are you 100% sure that your Tenancy Agreement and property are compliant with current legislation (which does change from time to time)?

Are you properly insured?

Have you regularly inspected the condition of your property to make sure the tenants are taking good care of it?

Are your rent payments always on time?

Our free audit will answer all your questions about your property, including;

  1. Investment rent return. Rent returns have increased dramatically in the last 18 months and it is not unusual to see landlords under-charging their tenants. We have access to data comparing your rent return with similar properties recently leased and on the market today.
  2. Rent management. Is your tenant up to date with their rent? What is their history of rent payment? We inspect the Tenant Ledger to show you if they are making payments on time and can advise on action to take if they are not.
  3. Vacancy management. Is your property on a fixed term or is it a month to month (periodic) tenancy allowing the tenant to leave at anytime? You need to minimise vacancy periods between tenants in order to maintain income. We have data showing reasonable periods in terms of current marketplace demand and have a marketing plan available to attract new tenants a lot quicker.
  4. Condition of property. When was the last time you inspected your investment? Does your tenant take good care of your property? Is your property at a high standard of presentation which would attract the best tenants in the marketplace? It is normal for a property to be painted every 10 years, re-carpeted every 15, and kitchens and bathrooms renovated between 20-30 years. Tenants today expect the best and will pay extra for top presentation and cleanliness. We thoroughly inspect the property and provide a report on its condition which includes recommendations to improve its appearance.
  5. Repairs and Maintenance. Are your costs reasonable? How can you cost effectively improve your investment in order to reduce ongoing maintenance and repairs? Because we manage properties all over Sydney we have buying power to get good services at highly competitive rates, and we can advise you where appropriate.
  6. Insurance. Standard home and contents insurance is not enough. This type of insurance doesn’t protect against many of the risks that Landlords face such as loss of rent due to an absconding tenant, malicious or accidental damage, or a whole range of other circumstances including tenant hardship. Our audit will advise the correct type of landlord protection insurance which provides peace-of-mind.
  7. Compliance. Have you checked the compliance of your property for Smoke Alarms and Residual Current Devices? If you have a pool or spa do they comply with Council regulations? These and other matters are examined as part of our audit.

John Pye Real Estate has won many industry awards including Best Property Management Company for 2018. We can offer you a free audit of your investment property to ensure it is achieving a maximum return with minimum expenses as well as being compliant with current legislation. There is no obligation or cost whatsoever for this service. Call one of the Team at John Pye on 9980 6777 or email to request your audit today.